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Buffalo Trail Elementary School

Webpage E-Alert Subscription

These directions will register you for updates from the Buffalo Trail school website only.  This is not for LCPS Connect-ED calls. 

Dear Parents,

Would you like to receive e-mails when important information is updated on the school website?  Just follow the steps below to subscribe to available sections on line.    Thank you for supporting our Going Green initiative. 

Note: If your email or subscription preferences should change at anytime, you need to update your e-Alert account.  Buffalo Trail does not have access to e-alert account information.

Registration & Subscription Steps


Registration Steps:

1.      Go to our school website at:

2.      Click REGISTER in the upper right corner of the window.

3.      Enter your date of birth, click Submit.

4.      Complete the required fields.  At the bottom of the form, be sure to check the boxes saying you agree to the Terms of Use and Please send me E-Alerts from this site, then click Submit.

NOTE: The e-mail address provided in this section will be the one used for all e-alert subscriptions for which you subscribe.

Subscription Steps:

1.      Go to the Buffalo Trail webpage.  Click SIGN IN in the upper right corner of the window.  Log in using the Sign-in Name and Password you established in the previous step.

2.      Click the down arrow next to MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner of the window.            Click EDIT ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

3.      Click SUBSCRIPTIONS on the left side of the screen.

4.      Click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS in the middle of the screen. 

5.      When the next screen appears, choose Buffalo Trail Elementary School.

6.      Next, click OTHER AREAS of INTEREST (located at the top of the screen). 

7.      From this page, you may select any or all sections on our school website to which you would like to subscribe.  Scroll down the page to see all available sections.

This will enable you to receive email messages from the editors of these sections, if they decide to announce a significant update on their pages. Please select any that may apply to you or your child/children.

8.      Scroll to the very bottom and click I’M DONE.  You will now see all of the sections you are subscribing to.

9.      Click SIGN OUT in the upper right corner of the window.



Click HERE to print these directions
(updated 10/2013)