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Student Registration
Registration packets are available in the School Counseling Office. The requirements and forms for enrollment can also be found on the LCPS Website. Please call (703) 957-4307  to briefly discuss your student's situation. Once all necessary paperwork is gathered, please call back to make  an appointment .
Student Withdrawal
The withdrawing student's parent/guardian MUST notify the School Counseling Office of the student's impending departure. A  "Withdrawal Form"  can be obtained from the school counseling office. 

  The student will walk the form through the building obtaining teacher signatures, withdrawal grades, and returning text books and library books. All books must be returned to avoid a deficiency.

 Before leaving on the last day, the student will bring the completed form to the School Counseling office for processing. 

Please call 703-957-4307 with any questions.  
Last Modified on March 18, 2015